A.M.P.E.D.U.P Superpower Series: Engagement of Others

Social skills are some of the most important traits children and adolescents develop. Research shows that these skills serve as predictors of future success. A 20-year retrospective study found that youths who displayed sophisticated social traits were more likely to graduate from college and/or acquire well-paying jobs in the future. In… Read more »

COVID and Future Success: Keep Calm and Carry On

By: Joe Lewis KB Advisor If you are like me, try as I might to deny it, I am completely engrossed in whether my son will be successful in his future life despite knowing the statistics of the matter. It is the same reason I play the Lotto, play roulette,… Read more »

Book Review: Mindset by Carol Dweck Phd

“No matter what your ability is, effort is what ignites that ability and turns it into accomplishment.” Do you ever find yourself telling your child that they can be anything they want to be but deep down you don’t believe it? Billy across this street is a naturally impressive baseball… Read more »

Self Monitoring at Home

Dr. Megan Allen For parents looking for ways to build executive function at home, keep checking out our blog. Over the coming weeks, I will be offering pointers on how to promote KB’s A.M.P.E.D philosophy into your child’s e-learning. Before jumping to A.M.P.E.D U.P I wanted to start by highlighting… Read more »

Redefining Success: The Six C’s

What does success mean? Is it a specific lifestyle, a title or accolade, or a state of mind? Depending on your age and background, the term can mean many things. Success, as it is conventionally defined, is understood as the favorable outcome of a goal. That is to say, it… Read more »

Strengthening Executive Function at Home

By: Dr. Megan Allen Executive function refers to a defined set of skills that we use to succeed in the modern world. Working memory, cognitive flexibility, and inhibitory control all support complex brain processes that allow us to pay attention, plan and prioritize tasks, as well as appropriately regulate our… Read more »