About Us

Kids’ Brain Gymnasium was founded by parents who were seeking weekend activities that were fun, affordable, and educational. The usual options were boring and unimaginative, and free “pop-up” type events were crowded and draining. They decided to take action and started an in-house chess club that met every weekend.

The chess program was a hit and quickly grew by word of mouth. The kids were excited to learn and practice their new skills with one another, and the parents were cultivating and fostering lasting relationships. Buoyed by this success, the founding parents considered adding activities and taking a more structured approach. They sought to develop group offerings that were similar in nature to chess without being a typical academic program. After months of extensive research and expert collaboration, Kids’ Brain Gymnasium and the A.M.P.E.D.U.P. philosophy were born.

Our classes do for the mind what fitness clubs do for the body.