The team

Name: Kaili B. Sanderson
Favorite Game: Puzzles
A.M.P.E.D.U.P. Superpower: Use of Rules

Kaili B. Sanderson is a big kid at heart.  She believes in kids’ ability to do anything they put their minds to, so she is excited about KB Gym.  Kaili believes in the power of games to promote learning among people of all ages, especially children. Kaili is a former educator, who began her career teaching in the South Bronx.  Throughout her career, Kaili has served in a variety of leadership positions, including as a professor and consultant.  Kaili was also the Founding Executive Director of Pallus, a non-profit organization, where she was named a finalist for both Echoing Green and the Teach for America Social Innovation Award.

Kaili is a Plainfield, New Jersey native and holds a Doctorate in Education Policy from Rutgers University, a Master’s Degree in Secondary Social Studies from Teachers College, Columbia University and a Bachelor’s degree in Public Policy Studies from Duke University.  During her downtime, Kaili is usually with her husband chasing a 2-year-old.

Name: Megan Allen
Favorite game: puzzles
A.M.P.E.D.U.P. Superpower: Persistence

Megan Allen enjoys developing experiential learning activities for children as a way to reinforce classroom assignments. As a trained neuroscientist, she is committed to increasing scientific literacy in the community and develops hands on laboratory experiments for kids as well as field exercises. These experiences allow kids to ‘learn by doing’ while having FUN! Megan grew up in Philadelphia and is a huge supporter of the cheesesteak and Eagles football team.  She received her PhD in Neuroscience from Georgetown University and Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish from Temple University. 

Name: Emely Paulino
Favorite Game: Scrabble
A.M.P.E.D.U.P. Superpower: Engagement 

Emely Paulino has always loved learning. Growing up, she had many teachers and mentors that helped cultivate her passion for education and the humanities. This passion was further developed throughout her time at Bard College, where Emely worked as a writing tutor on campus and volunteered as a Spanish tutor for the Bard Prison Initiative. Having graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish Studies and a concentration in Latin American and Iberian Studies, Emely continues to use her language skills and love of writing in her role as Program Coordinator for the Bard Microcollege at Brooklyn Public Library, a tuition-free associate’s degree program that brings high-quality education to communities that are often excluded from the university experience. She is an advocate for innovative approaches to learning that are inclusive and empowering. Her favorite memories as a student were of participating in classes that challenged her to think differently about the culture and society that we live in.